Camilla Berner (b. 1972) works in the interdisciplinary field of art and science, weaving her knowledge about and interest in plants, landscapes and nature into her artistic practice. Her work is usually site specific, involving the natural materials – plants, soil, wood – found in the particular place.

Berner investigates the complex relationship between nature and culture and challenges our perception of the two: Where is the boundary, if there is one? Is it possible and is it wise to look at nature and culture as two separate categories when they are wildly entangled and interconnected?

Her methods include scientific fieldwork such as collection and registration of plants, examination of the biodiversity in urban landscapes and tracking of alternative paths in public spaces. She often invites other people to join the working process; collecting plants and seeds, cutting grass, exchanging plants and stories. She is interested in the overlooked and neglected; plants we consider unneeded, unwanted or invasive and organisms growing in abandoned places and building sites. 

Berner is examining the interconnectedness and interaction between people and their surroundings, looking into the history of plants and landscapes and the ways in which our stories about nature and culture are being constructed.